Saturday, April 3, 2010


When we color our traditional batch of eggs, they all turn out lovely. Of course I am thrilled when I get one just for myself, that honors my love of sheep.

But what I treasure even more is watching the kids create.
I see that look of total concentration, when they forget me with my camera.
I watch Lewis, who is getting ready to start middle school in September and I wonder, is it the last year, that he colors eggs with us?
My girlie is the one, who adores all artsy-crafty activities and dives right in. Oh boy, does she get messy!
I can never get enough of those little hands, I mean, just look at them in all their colorful gory!
She is eight now, but when I look at her hands, they remind me of the chubby little baby she was.

Happy Easter to you all!


  1. Happy Easter! This is the first year that Jason my oldest (18) didn't want to decorate eggs with us.

  2. Sheep egg cups???? Did you make those??

    Me want!!