Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Remember the skunk yarn? Thanks to all of you who guessed!
I give you one more hint:
Some of you might get a real bad itch from this.... hmm??!!

Fiona had gathered the cat fur from brushing our two long haired sweeties and had long asked for me to spin the fluff.
It went very well, especially Lucky's fur is very fine. I guess Ike's by itself would have been too slippery.

They both sniffed it out real well, when I showed them.
Lucky said "how dare you combine my delicate fluff with that crazy young knucklehead's bristles?"

Ike was flattered.

Ike also liked the Goodwill scores of the day.

I know what I'll be havin' my latte in tomorrow morning.
Or even a cup of tea tonight.
The vintage flannel fabric - brandnew - will have to patiently wait for a suitable project.
I hope you all have a wonderful evening!
P.S. for Sara: The pink yarn, that I used for the loose girl cardi, is a blend with lots of cotton and rayon, cool and drapy for the spring/summer season and sadly not handspun!


  1. Is that a rag doll cat (Lucky)? That is what I have and she looks EXACTLY like your cat. You are beginning to scare me! LOL

  2. HA! Lucky's would make me itch. Good spinning, good scores. :)

  3. that's gonna be a lovely latte :)