Friday, April 16, 2010

time for change

Fiona's room desperatly needed a makeover. Seriously. Too much stuff. Too many toys, animals. Too much of it hardly ever used.

So we have been sorting, rearranging, donating and organizing, storing the currently not so popular stuff in the garage and creating a more airy and light feel in her room.

What really got us into the groove, was a new vintage little cabinet, that we found in a furniture store in Nob Hill (thanks for the recommendation, Ann, love the place!).

Now there is a designated space for precious little knick knacks, like Indian pottery and Kachina dolls.

For now this is also, where Soe's tiny paintings are, which I brought from a trip to Hamburg last summer. Soe's child geared paintings are beautiful and - as for now - reasonably priced, and if you are in Hamburg, you should check out the little store near the Bahnhof Altona in HH Ottensen, where she sells her artwork. She has also done a fantastic job illustrating my friend Dirk's book, which may be published in the USA hopefully 2010 or next year, I will let you know. Soe is to be found HERE on the internet.

I have yet to show off a recent thriftstore score, this tiny handmade quilt, currently decorating Fiona's table for a teaparty.

Can you see the long fabric strips with the turtle pattern? Oh, to have a yard of that, sooo lovely!

And hey, the ripple blankie, re-discovered and risen from the clutter, sitting on the vintage little doll crib with the sheep matress!

And here, last but not least, a vintage Scherenschnitt of Dornroeschen (what is that called in English, hmm?),which is probably more dear to me than it is to her.

And guess what? She spends so much more time in her room, the dolls that remained in her room got new outfits, and btw, Irmchen to the far left is still her favorite:

And at her little desk she started working on a secret project for big brother, who will be 11 in May. (Eleven..., hear the ring of that number...!)

She said: "Does this look like camouflage?" (yes) "This is a lot of work, so I have to start it early!"
Pssst, this is our secret.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm thinkin' maybe our lovely Irmchen needs a pink camo outfit! :)

    You did a great job on that room. I'm glad Fiona is loving it.

    Her work on Lewis' surprise is amazing.

    Love to the whole flock o' Byrds!

  2. Oh I wish Kellie would let me clear out some of her things. Every time I suggest that we sort it all and give the old things she no longer plays with to charity she acts like I asked for a lung. You know...go ahead, give away all of my things...poor deprived girl that I am. I end up feeling guilty for even suggesting such a thing. she knows exactly how to play me.

  3. Hello!

    So happy to have found your blog, because I just love all your flicker photos.....and also the lovely work that you do! I'm hooking and knitting at present....and just getting ready to leave for a hook-in at the boathouse on a nearby lake. Should be about 60 attending from around the area.......I'll check back soon!

  4. I LOVE the colours you used for the ripple blanket!

  5. Ihr ward so fleißig, toll ich bin begeistert von Fionas neues Zimmer.
    Hug Doris

  6. Love love love the cabinet!!! it's gorgeous!