Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a loose girl and a girlie flower

Happy happy. The first rughooked picture is ....well almost done.

After being done with the picture in the skinny red frame, which was the original design, I decided to go with the ever-so-smart-teacher's suggestion and added a frame. That's what I'm working on right now, just a few more hours of hooking and some class time tonight!

The pink loose girl (HERE for Ravelers), however is done.

And I am happy.

Can you tell?!


  1. Absolutely stunning! Love the rug and your sweater! Wish I could knit like that (sigh). I love the simplicity of your rug and color choice. I am going to have to keep an eye on you to see what you are creating next! Cathy G

  2. Your sweater is awesome and it looks great on you! I love the color! Great job!!

  3. My friend just took up hooking. I am a little intimidated to try. any advice? Your rug looks beautiful. Did you make the pattern yourself?

  4. :-) hey, it's another excuse to go thrifting --- incorporate a hunt for woolens!! -- my daughter designed, picked the colors, obvious, hmm?! a great teacher is worth gold!
    email me if you'd like more info!! dagmarbyrd@comcast.net

  5. The Hooking - Love it. It looks great.

    The Pink Loose Girl - Gorgeous!

  6. Love the rug my friend!! Keep up the good work. So glad you are enjoying it!! My first day home in a while so maybe will do some of Alex's rug today. After I make flight reservations for us to ....... NM.......

  7. Rug looks great. Sweater is wonderful!