Thursday, April 8, 2010


Not much happening here in the foothills.
Both kids sick, one after the other. I am glued to the house, however in that disorganized state, that I'm thrown in, when I am reduced to being the motherhen, that pampers the babies back to health.

Easter still held lots of fun - any holiday that grants you chocolate does, n'est-ce pas?!

We had the first outdoors breakfast of the season! It was still quite chilly, but we toughed it out. It seemed so suitable for the Easter Holiday!

Fiona really wants you to know that these are the best markers! They are indeed great.

Oh, how inspiring a new set of fancy markers and some nice artist's pad can be!

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  1. There is nothing...NOTHING...better than new art supplies. I think my favorite would have to be a fresh box of crayons. The look of all of those perfect crayons all lined up and the smell...oh the smell. I love it. We are finally getting cooler temps. It has been 85 - 90 for the past week! We should be back to 60's tomorrow. Sorry they have been sick - hope everyone is feeling better soon.